Monday, February 25, 2013

The procession of death in Bangladesh goes on......

March 8th,2013: 1 person dead. One activist died as he fell from top of terrace Baitul Mukarram. Son of a Narayanganj gonojagoron activist found dead floating in river.

March 7th,2013: 1 Awami supporter dead in clashes on nationwide strike.

March 5th,2013: 250 injured. 2 people including a policeman died clashes which happened days earlier.

March 4th,2013: 4 dead, 3 in Satkhira, 1 schoolchild in Sirajgonj. More than 30 bullet ridden.

March 3rd,2013: 28 dead. Among the dead, 12 of the activists including 4 women are from Bogra, 6 including women and children are from Rajshahi, 6 are from Joypurhaat, 2 are from Shatkhira, 1 person from Gazipur and one police constable from Jhenaidah. 50 plus bullet ridden. More than 300 injured.

March 2nd,2013: 4 died (3 in Shatkania, 1 in Nilphamari, and 1 BNP leader in Dhaka) and injured include more than 55. Jubo Dal President Alal injured by police bullet at Dhaka

March 1st,2013 : 5 people have died, including 1 riot policeman 

Feb 28th, 2013: 81 people have died in a genocide throughout Bangladesh, including 66 Islamist activists and 5 policemen. 3000 injured all over Bangladesh.
Feb 25th, 2013: A kid of 13, Abdur Rahman shakil, enacts a mock hanging and mistakenly hangs himself at Noakhali (Reason: Shahbag mentality?)

Feb 25th, 2013: 2 more dead. 1 Shibir activist (Ali Ajgor Khan Rahat) dies of injuries sustained on 16th Feb. Another activist also dies at Sylhet Osmani Medical College. Body of Hafez Rashedul found at banks of Padma at Rajshahi(missing since protests on 22nd Feb).

Feb 24th, 2013: 5 supporters of Islamic parties martyred, including a woman at Manikganj when police fire at a procession in support of Islamic parties hartal. 3000 pro Islamic supporters sued by police next day.

Feb 23rd, 2013: 3 more lives lost. 2 died by police fire in Pabna in half day jamaat hartal. One person burned in pro-Shahbag vandalism of a computer shop.Later identified as a Chatroleague activist. 40 injured

Feb 22nd, 2013 : 4 people killed by police fire in nationwide protests of Islamic parties, 1000 injured 

Feb 19th, 2013: 3 more casualties. 1 jamaat supporter killed and 2 general people died in hartal. 30 injured

Feb 18th, 2013: 1 Shahbag protester dies of heart attack

Feb 15th, 2013 : 1 blogger and Shahbagh leader, Ahmed Rajib Haider found murdered outside his house at Pallabi
Feb 15th, 2013 : 10 people have died. 4 jamaat supporters and upto 6 other general protesters, all killed at cox bazaar. Over 150 injured.

13th Feb, 2013: 1 liftman of Agrani Bank died in clashes of olama mashayekh-police (Police and Shahbagh supporters have blamed Jamaat and Shibir. Shibir have vehemently denied this and given statement). 20 ppl including police injured, 415 arrested.
5th Feb, 2013: 4 martyred in Chittagong (2 shibir,2 Jamaat). More than 50 injured including police.
4th Feb, 2013: 1 pedestrian dead in pre hartal unrest at uttara  

31st Jan, 2013: 4 Jamaat shibir activists killed in Bogra. 1 police died due to natural causes in hartal duty. More than 70 injured.

29th Jan, 2013: 50 ppl injured in nationwide protests of Shibir and Jamaat (according to reuters)

Yellow : Dead protesters
Red     : Dead Shahbagh protesters
Blue    : Injured